Brief History Of Chess Crash Primer

Let's begin with a brief history of chess as an overview. You can take in the history of chess here in great detail. Not everyone though would have the endurance to pore over all of that in one day. Well here's your alternative, the byte-size version.

This is a 30,000 foot view giving each of the main events a flying visit. If you haven't previously heard the story of chess this will be the perfect primer. You will get the bones of the story in just a few minutes. Can't say fairer than that. You can even build a web page on this site containing your article on chess history.

Modern chess was derived from earlier games. Born amidst the majesty of the sub-continent that is India.


Brief History Of Chess: Introduction

Brief History Of Chess: Dilaram's problem, White to move has to prevent mate and win himself but how?

Chess in some form or another has been around since the dawn of civilization. The earliest known historical record of a chess like game is that of Chaturanga in northern India.

As it was carried westward on trade routes and was adopted by other peoples, slight alterations were made. It became hugely popular in the Persian Empire where it was known as Shatranj. Some centuries later the Moors would bring chess to Europe.

It passed through many cultures, civilizations and also an incredible journey through time. The game underwent considerable change. However the fundamental concept of chess remained unaltered.

Birth Of Chess

Brief History Of Chess: Birth Of Chess

Birth Of Chess: Shatranj's Mujannah - Mashaikhi opening

The Chaturanga army was modeled on the Indian armies of this era. The game was inspired by war. The players were like generals, maneuvering their soldiers toward victory.

Chaturanga was created as a representation of ancient Indian warfare. The infantry, cavalry, elephants and chariots were represented by the foot-soldier (became a pawn in Europe), horse (became a Knight in Europe), elephant (became a Bishop in Europe) and chariot (became a Rook in Europe) respectively.

The game captured the imagination of everyone from the royalty and nobles at court to the peasants in the fields. Eventually this game that began in northern India would conquer the world.

Growth Of Chess

Brief History Of Chess: Growth Of Chess

Brief History of Chess: Europeans like Ruy Lopez de Segura developed interesting new strategies for chess

The game didn't simply stay in India. Merchants and traders brought the game along with them on the trade routes into Persia. Moving right across Asia and North Africa chess was carried into Europe by the Moors during their conquest of Spain.

After Spain and later Italy became the continent's leading chess playing nations, the Vikings brought the game to northern Europe. They brought chess to Iceland, Ireland, Britain, Scandinavia and Russia.

By the Middle Ages the game was well and truly established in Europe. In the 19th Century international competition turned from a trickle into a flood.

Brief History of Chess Modernization

Brief History Of Chess: Modernisation

Brief History of Chess: De Castellvi vs Vinoles (1475); one of the earliest recorded games under modern rules

For all of the time that the game developed in Asia the pieces were limited enough in terms of mobility. So the games tended to drag on a bit, sometimes taking many hours to complete.

The Europeans were not as patient as the Indians, the Persians, the Arabs or the Moors. They wanted the protagonists to engage far quicker. Some new rules were devised.

The Queen was made much more powerful. Pawns could now move forward two squares on their opening move and castling was introduced. These changes in the fifteenth century had a profound effect on chess. It became the game we know today.

Chess Today

Brief History Of Chess: Chess Today

Chess Today: Carlsen vs Kramnik; Victor gets blitzed in Moscow in Nov 09

Since the latter half of the 19th Century international competition has gone from strength to strength. Today there are over 1,000 top class tournaments every year.

The concept of a World Chess Champion first emerged in the 1800s. Wilhelm Steinitz considered himself World Champion after a victory over Adolf Andersson in 1866. He was the first official champion when he beat Johannes Zukertort in 1886.

Chess theory has come on in leaps and bounds since then. Computer technology has been instrumental in this. New generations of chess magicians continue to make their mark like Magnus Carlsen, Viktor Kramnik, Veselin Topalov and Vishy Anand.

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Chess is this amazing human phenomenom spanning cultures, continents and eras. In it's many different forms it has built up an ocean of intriguing history. No one can know it all or even a fraction. One tenth of the world's population play chess. There are so many people out there who have priceless knowledge of chess history. If you have an interesting chess story please share. Tell us your chess history gem.

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Moving On

That's it from the birth in India right through to the emergence of Carlsen. I may have neglected to mention a few things and been patchy enough on others but I cover every thing in detail in this History section.

History is something you can read a little of from time to time rather than ploughing through all of it in one go. Unless of course you can't get enough of it.

Well if you can handle more history and you want it in greater detail, you can start with earliest known existence of chess.

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The History Of Chess Conquers the World
The history of chess is a story of mysterious intrigue. This game of kings has undergone as many changes as the cultures that have played it.