Share Your Best Chess Moves Here

What chess moves get you on the front foot right from the gun? Do you like to rip into the enemy right from the start? Or do you prefer to get your own house in order first before slowly grinding your opponent down, strangling the life out of his position? Are you a python or a cobra?

Let's hear about your tactical tricks in the middlegame. How you scheme towards winning exchanges. How do you maneuver your pieces onto the best squares?

Share your best tips for pushing home an advantage in the endgame. How do you close the deal? If on the other hand you need to brush up on the basics, feel free to ask questions on the chess basics.

Know Some Terrifying Chess Move Combinations?

Know some chess moves and combinations to get the initiative in the game? Little tips and tricks that win a piece from an unsuspecting opponent? Share a game you played where you hatched a clever tactical plan and won material. Or a decisive positional edge. If you prefer you can share a game played by a master containing good tactical tricks. Share your Terrifying Chess Move Combinations.

Chess Moves that Rock by other Lapocites

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Caro Kann Gone Wrong 
The Caro Kann has a name as a sturdy defense that is hard to break down. But in this game White tears it apart in just 11 moves with terrific play. A Knight …

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Moving On

You can share tips and tricks, you can pick some up. Chess is about recognizing familiar patterns that come up time and again. Get a feel for what works, what doesn't. What's on, what's not.

It's also quite useful to learn these little combos because when you start out in chess your opponents will try them on you. And when you've learned them you can try them out on your opponents.

If you're still just learning how to play, how to move the pieces, don't worry. You're right where you need to be. First things first. Get to grips with how the pawn moves.

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