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If you've been through the chess strategies here and you think there is some important aspect that I have not covered you easily can add your know how to the site. It's always a possibility that I have missed something useful. If we all put our heads together and pool our experience we'll all be better for it.

You can write a few lines or an entire article it's up to you. Your contribution could be of real value to many people. Your words can reach people anywhere in the world and your tips and hints may decide games played in parks, clubs and homes in cities, towns and villages the world over. Just think.

If your tip or pointer is in relation to the endgame, middlegame, opening or if it's a general hint I'm looking forward to reading about it. Hopefully it will help my game too! Always hoping to sharpen my opening strategy. Don't forget to read the tips left by others. You might find something you hadn't thought of before.

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The endgame is where they say the real chess is played. The book has long since been thrown out the window. You've got to know your stuff on opposition, the Lucena maybe or even how to mate with just a knight and bishop. Well you never know! Do you know any other crucial endgame gems?

The middlegame is all about patterns. Recognizing opportunities to lay traps. Winning material or getting great positions by playing clever combinations and just knowing your way around the board. Maybe you have tried and tested methods for gaining the upperhand in this phase.

There is a lot of theory in the openings but it is important to understand each opening you play, not a case of simply memorizing the moves. It's easier to improvize when needed if you understand what you're trying to do. What's your favorite opening and why do you like it? How do you use it to get an edge in your games?

Spill Your Killer Chess Strategies

What's the best way to approach a game of chess? What rules of thumb should be foremost in your mind? Do you think I have overlooked any top chess strategies? Or maybe neglected to mention some subtle but valuable tip or hint? Do you have a little golden nugget to help give us the jump on our opponents? Spill Your Killer Chess Strategies right here!

Red Hot Strategies and Tips by other Lapocites

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Chess Game Strategies

Chess Game Strategies

Chess Game Strategies

To add to your learning experience I thought it would be useful to point you in the direction of a very worthy chess website dedicated to tips and hints on strategy. Hopefully it will help you avoid quick losses like Fool's Mate.

Like myself Graham is sharing his take on chess with the world and his delivery is well worth further examination.

The link will open in a new tab so don't be alarmed. You'll find his strategy section at As he says himself:

This Chess website is built from the perspective of a beginner. Comprehensive Beginners Chess Guide, Chess Glossary, plus Strategies & Tactics to improve your game. (Over 500 video clips already added!!)

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