ECO Index D

Welcome to ECO Index D. It's the next part of the openings series after ECO Index C. Volume D deals with the Queen's Pawn Game, principally the Queen's Gambit, Declined and Accepted.

Later it moves on to the Neo-Grunfeld Defence. This idea is for Black to start by developing his kingside knight instead of playing a center pawn.

The concept is further investigated in the last 20 entries of the volume which consists of the Grunfeld Defence. This volume should give you ideas for ways to expand to openings repertoire, opening up fresh possibilities.

D00-19 Queen's Gambit Decined; Slav, Dutch

ECO Index D: D00-19
D00 QPG, Blackmar-Diemer G, Halosar Trap
D01 Richter-Veresov Attack
D02 Queen's Pawn Game, 2. Nf3
D03 Torre Attack, Tartakower Variation
D04 Queen's Pawn Game
D05 QPG, Zukertort V, Colle S
D06 Queen's G, Baltic D, Marshall D, Sym D
D07 QGD; Chigorin Defence
D08 QGD; Albin CG, Lasker Trap
D09 QGD; Albin CG, 5.g3
D10 QGD; Slav Defence
D11 QGD; Slav Defence, 3.Nf3
D12 QGD; Slav Defence, 4.e3 Bf5
D13 QGD; Slav Defence, EV
D14 QGD; Slav Defence, EV
D15 QGD; Slav Defence, 4.Nc3
D16 QGD; Slav Accepted, Alapin Variation
D17 QGD; Slav Defence, Czech Defence
D18 QGD; Dutch Variation
D19 QGD; Dutch Variation
Play through the QGD; Openings Slav, Dutch Openings.

D20-29 Queen's Gambit Accepted

ECO Index D: D20-29
D20 Queen's Gambit Accepted
D21 QGA, 3.Nf3
D22 QGA; Alekhine Defence
D23 Queen's Gambit Accepted
D24 QGA, 4.Nc3
D25 QGA, 4.e3
D26 QGA; Classical Variation
D27 QGA; Classical Variation
D28 QGA; Classical Variation 7.Qe2
D29 QGA; Classical Variation 8...Bb7
Play through the QGA Openings.

D30-49 Queen's Gambit Declined

ECO Index D: D30-49
D30 QGD, Orthodox Defence
D31 QGD, 3.Nc3
D32 QGD, Tarrasch Defence
D33 QGD, Tarrasch, Schlechter-Rubinstein S
D34 QGD, Tarrasch, 7...Be7
D35 QGD, Exchange Variation
D36 QGD, Exchange, PL, 6.Qc2
D37 QGD, 4.Nf3
D38 QGD, Ragozin Variation
D39 QGD, Ragozin, Vienna V
D40 QGD, Semi-Tarrasch D
D41 QGD, Semi-Tarrasch,
D42 QGD, Semi-Tarrasch, 7.Bd4
D43 QGD, Semi-Slav Defence
D44 QGD, Semi-Slav 5.Bg5 dxc4
D45 QGD, Semi-Slav 5.e3
D46 QGD, Semi-Slav 6.Bd4
D47 QGD, Semi-Slav 7.Bc4
D48 QGD, Meran, 8...a6
D49 QGD, Meran, 11.Nxb5
Play through the D30-49 Queen's Gambit Declined Openings.

D50-69 Queen's Gambit Declined

ECO Index D: D50-69
D50 QGD; 5.Bg5
D51 QGD; Cambridge Springs D, Elephant Trap
D52 Queen's Gambit Declined
D53 QGD; 5.Bg5 Be7
D54 QGD; Anti-Neo-Orthodox Variation
D55 QGD; 6.Nf3
D56 QGD; Lasker Defence
D57 QGD; Lasker Defence, Main Line
D58 QGD; Tartakower Makogonov-Bondarevsky S
D59 QGD; Tartakower Makogonov-Bondarevsky S, Nxd5
D60 QGD; Orthodox D
D61 QGD; Orthodox D, Rubinstein V
D62 QGD; Orthodox D, Rubinstein, 7.Qc2 c5,
D63 QGD; Orthodox D, 7.Rc1
D64 QGD; Orthodox D, Rubinstein Attack, Rc1
D65 QGD; Orthodox D, Rubinstein Attack, Main line
D66 QGD; Orthodox D, Bd3 Line, Rubinstein Trap
D67 QGD; Orthodox D, Bd3 Line, Capablanca Freeing Manoeuver
D68 QGD; Orthodox D, Classical Variation
D69 QGD; Orthodox D, Classical, 13.dxe5
Play through the QGD; D50-69 Openings.

D70-79 Neo-Grunfeld Defence

ECO Index D: D70-79
D70 Neo-Grunfeld Defence
D71 Neo-Grunfeld,
D72 Neo-Grunfeld,, Main line
D73 Neo-Grunfeld, 5.Nf3
D74 Neo-Grunfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O
D75 Neo-Grunfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O c5, 8.Nc3
D76 Neo-Grunfeld, Nxd5, 7.O-O Nb6
D77 Neo-Grunfeld, 6.O-O
D78 Neo-Grunfeld, 6.O-O c6
D79 Neo-Grunfeld, 6.O-O, ML
Play through the Neo-Grunfeld Openings.

D80-99 Grunfeld Defence

ECO Index D: D80-99
D80 Grunfeld Defence
D81 Grunfeld, Russian V
D82 Grunfeld, 4.Bf4
D83 Grunfeld, Gambit
D84 Grunfeld, Gambit Accepted
D85 Grunfeld, Nadanian V
D86 Grunfeld, Exchange, Classical V
D87 Grunfeld, Exchange, Spassky V
D88 Grunfeld, Spassky V, ML,,
D89 Grunfeld, Spassky V, ML, 13.Bd3
D90 Grunfeld, Three Knights V
D91 Grunfeld, Three Knights V
D92 Grunfeld, 5.Bf4
D93 Grunfeld, 5.Bf4 O-O 6.e3
D94 Grunfeld, 5.e3
D95 Grunfeld, 5.e3 O-O 6.Qb3
D96 Grunfeld, Russian V
D97 Grunfeld, Russian V, 7.e4
D98 Grunfeld, Russian, Smyslov V
D99 Grunfeld, Smyslov, ML
Play through the Grunfeld Openings.

Moving On

The Queen's Gambit has many branches, there are not many who are intimately familiar with them all. The opening tends to lead to slow-burning strategic encounters.

The Accepted lines do not merit more than 10 entries as it is not considered to be Black's wisest choice. Most of the section as you have seen concentrate on the Declined lines and you will find that certainly these days Black more often than not declines this gambit.

The final part of the series is Volume E and this is another on the QPG. It looks at Black's Indian defences in the face of 1.d4, these are like the Grunfeld and the Neo-Grunfeld in that Black replies with 1...Nf6.

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