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Mesmerizing Chess Middlegames Get You the Edge

Chess middlegames are complex beasts. It is in this phase of the game of chess that the issue is decided. Learn how to pin, fork, skewer and also when to trade pieces.

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Hone Those Basic Checkmates to a Science

Get basic checkmates down. Nothing worse than outplaying your opponent and then not closing the deal. Learn the basic patterns for icing the enemy King.

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Use Fools Mate to Fool Your Mates

Fools mate and Scholars Mate are two of the better known early checkmate combos. Protect yourself from the annoyance of falling into these traps and learn to spring them on others.

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Share Your Chess Strategies with Everyone

Do you have top chess strategies or handy tips to increase success over the board. Or maybe you're hunting for tips yourself. Share the knowledge around, upload your tips and pick up strategies left by other players.

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Share Your Best Chess Moves Here

Do you know some great opening chess moves that can win a piece early? Tricky little maneuvers that can catch the other guy unaware? What little trick works for you time and time again? Tell us more!

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Learn The King Moves For Chess

King moves are like Queen moves in terms of direction but not in terms of scope. Learn how the central character in chess makes his way around the board.

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Learn The Queen Moves For Chess

Queen moves explained in the simplest terms. Understand the devastating trail of destruction you can leave in your wake through expert handling of the Queen.

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Learn The Rook Moves For Chess

Rook moves in mysterious ways for chess. Actually not really. Get a load of how this chess powerhouse takes control of open files and ranks. Working together two rooks form a battery threatening shock and awe.

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Learn The Bishop Moves For Chess

The Bishop moves around the board on light squares or dark but never both. Come see why a Bishop pair can be really powerful in the right hands.

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Take the Knight Tour Challenge

The Knight Tour has confounded and intrigued over the centuries. The ultimate brain twister that will drive you crazy. It's a fun challenge that has captured the imagination of chess enthusiasts and esteemed mathematicians alike.

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