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Adolf Anderssen - The Immortal One

Adolf Anderssen (July 6, 1818 - March 13, 1879) was a German chess magician. He was the world's leading chess player from 1851-58 and 1860-66, giving us gems such as the Immortal Game and the Evergreen Game along the way.

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Howard Staunton - The Chess Piece Sculptor

Howard Staunton was an English chess master who was the world's strongest player from 1843 to 1851. He gained this recognition through his 1843 victory over Saint Amant. He developed his own famous style of chess pieces, still used today.

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Pierre Saint Amant - The Perennial Challenger

Pierre Saint Amant (12 September, 1800 – 29 October, 1872) was a leading French chess master. He gained noteriety by going down in a match against Englishman Howard Staunton in 1843 in an unofficial match for the World Chess Championship.

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Alexander McDonnell - The Merchant of Belfast

Alexander McDonnell (1798–1835) was an Irish chess master, who contested a series of six matches with the world’s leading player Louis-Charles Mahé de La Bourdonnais in the summer of 1834.

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Louis Charles Mahe de la Bourdonnais - The Precision Positioner

Louis Charles Mahe de la Bourdonnais (1797–1840) was another of the great French masters of this period. He only learned to play chess at 19 but just six years later was recognized as the strongest player in the world.

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Alexandre Deschapelles - The Soldier Champion

Alexandre Deschapelles (March 7, 1780 – October 27,1847) was a French chess master. He bridged the gap between Philidor and La Bourdonnais Losing a hand in battle did not stop him from becoming the strongest player in the world. He was considered the unofficial world champion from about 1800-1820.

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Francois Andre Danican Philidor - Chess Soul

Francois Andre Danican Philidor (September 7, 1726 – August 31, 1795) was a French composer and chess player. He was the strongest chess master in the world throughout the second half of the 18th Century.

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Legall de Kermeur - First French Champion

Legall de Kermeur (1702 – 1792) was the first in a line of French masters to dominate world chess. He was unbeatable for many years, only to be overtaken in his later years by his most famous student, Philidor.

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Philipp Stamma - The Syrian Sorcerer

Philipp Stamma (circa 1705 - circa 55) was a Syrian chess master and author. He lived and played mainly in England and France. He was one of the strongest players in the world behind only Philidor and Legall.

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Gioachino Greco - Il Calabrese

Gioachino Greco (1600 – 34) was an Italian chess master and writer. His great innovation was his introduction of tactical chess. He was quite adept at laying opening traps for his unsuspecting opponents. He was the first chess professional.

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