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Chaturanga - The Original Chess

Chaturanga dates back to the Gupta Empire in India around the 6th Century. It is the earliest known form of chess. Every chess variant can trace it's roots back to this game.

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Shogi from the Land of the Rising Sun

Shogi has emerged as the dominant chess variant in Japan. The ingenious drop rule is probably the reason why it has vanquished all other variants in Japan.

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Antichess is the Reverse Chess Game

What is Antichess? Imagine a game where you have the opposite objectives to regular chess. You don't want to capture you're opponent's pieces, you want to lose your own pieces. It's a topsy turvy world.

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Going Oriental With Xiangqi

Get to know the great game of Xiangqi. It is a close cousin of chess and you can pit your wits against opponents worldwide in fierce Xiangqi battles!

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Incredible Celtic History of Chess

The Celtic History of Chess is a deeply interesting broadside from left field in the debate on the true origins of chess. Everyone knows about the ongoing discussion about India or China, but Ireland? Really?!

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Battle Chess - Putting the Fight into Chess

Battle Chess is the animated chess game. On screen animated medieval warriors play the parts of the chess pieces. Every capture is carried out with a very clever fight scene.

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The History of Computer Chess Unravelled

The history of computer chess is a decades long journey that changed the face of chess. Programmers went from finding two move checkmates to winning a match against a reigning World Chess Champion.

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Postal Chess - Fascinating Journey

Postal Chess was the old way to bring remote chess enthusiasts together before the computing age. Steinitz and Chigorin played postal chess while Steinitz was based in the US and Chigorin was in Europe.

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Memorable Chess Quotes by the Masters

Great Chess Quotes from the lips of the greatest chess masters. Many of these will force a wry smile as you read thoughts conjured from the same ingenuity that inspired their chess.

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World Chess Champions Ruling Imperiously

The World Chess Champions dominated this game playing incredible games packed with spell-binding combinations. Who were they and why is their story the story of chess?

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