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Aron Nimzowitsch - Pioneer of the Hypermodern System

Aron Nimzowitsch (7 November, 1886 - 16 March, 1935) was a Latvian master and one of the most important players and writers in chess history. He was probably the third strongest player in the world behind Capablanca and Alekhine in the 1920s.

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Akiba Rubinstein - The Endgame Maestro

Akiba Rubinstein (12 December, 1880 - 15 March, 1961) was a famous Polish Grandmaster in the early 20th century. His 1914 World Championship decider with Emanuel Lasker never happened because of World War I. He would be remembered as perhaps the greatest player never to become World Champion.

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Siegbert Tarrasch - Father of German Chess

Siegbert Tarrasch (5 March 1862 – 17 February 1934) was maybe the strongest chess player in the world around 1890 but did not challenge Steinitz because of work commitments. He was also an influential chess teacher in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

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Isidor Gunsberg - The Hungarian Chess Computer

Isidor Gunsberg (November 2, 1854 – May 2, 1930) was a Hungarian chess master who narrowly lost the 1891 World Chess Championship match to Wilhelm Steinitz. He was also the man behind the chess machine, Mephisto.

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The next level, Musketeer Chess

Chess suffers nowadays from draws and less spectacular games. Musketeer Chess helps to fix this opening the path to new strategies, more tactics, much

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Mikhail Chigorin - The Rise of Russia

Mikhail Chigorin (12 November 1850 – 25 January 1908) was a leading Russian chess master. He began the tradition of the Soviet chess machine that would take a vice-like grip on world chess in the 20th Century.

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Johannes Zukertort - The Romantic Champion

Johannes Zukertort (7 September 1842 – 20 June 1888) was a leading chess master of German-Polish origin. He was probably the best attacking player in the world for most of the 1870s and 1880s. He lost to Wilhelm Steinitz's positional style in the World Chess Championship 1886.

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Joseph Henry Blackburne - The Black Death

Joseph Henry Blackburne (10 December 1841 – 1 September 1924) was known in chess circles as the The Black Death. He was the best chess player in Britain during the second half of the 19th Century. He only learned to play chess at 18 but still played professional chess for half a century.

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Paul Morphy - Pride and Sorrow of Chess

Paul Morphy (June 22, 1837 - July 10, 1884) was a US chess master and one of the most important figures in chess history. Known as the Pride and Sorrow of Chess, he humbled all who faced him only to give up the game at a young age.

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Henry Bird - Master of Bizarre

Henry Bird (14 July 1829 – 11 April 1908) was an English chess player and writer. He wrote a book titled Chess History and Reminiscences. Although he wasn't a professional chess player he lived and breathed the game. He would play anyone, anywhere, any time.

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