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Postal Chess - Fascinating Journey

Postal Chess was the old way to bring remote chess enthusiasts together before the computing age. Steinitz and Chigorin played postal chess while Steinitz was based in the US and Chigorin was in Europe.

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Memorable Chess Quotes by the Masters

Great Chess Quotes from the lips of the greatest chess masters. Many of these will force a wry smile as you read thoughts conjured from the same ingenuity that inspired their chess.

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World Chess Champions Ruling Imperiously

The World Chess Champions dominated this game playing incredible games packed with spell-binding combinations. Who were they and why is their story the story of chess?

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Amazing World Chess Championship Saga Since 1886

The World Chess Championship was first contested by Wilhelm Steinitz and Johannes Zukertort in 1886. Since then epic matches have decided who is chess king. This is a story of the championship.

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Relive Famous Chess Games of the Masters

Enjoy these famous chess games played by chess geniuses from different eras. These games are annotated to give you the inside track on the tactics and strategy in these mind-blowing games.

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Relive the Romantic Era of Chess

The Romantic Era of chess was a time when beautiful combinations reigned supreme. Caution was thrown to the wind and no one played defensively. It was a race to the jugular right from the first move.

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Intriguing History of Chess Pieces

The history of chess pieces tell us much about not merely the grand old game of chess, but of the ancient civilizations from which it sprang. The game of chess is actually a representation of India in ancient times and the pieces are the characters.

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The Origin Of Chess Back Through The Mists Of Time

Clouded in mystery and intrigue, the origin of chess is a source of much debate. Who invented the game of kings, the ultimate test in battlefield strategy?

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Brief History Of Chess Crash Primer

If you simply want to touch on the brief history of chess and don't want to get bogged down with every detail right now, here is your perfect speed read.

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Garry Kasparov - The Mercurial Chess Titan

Garry Kasparov is believed by many to have eclipsed every other chess player in history to become the greatest ever. His career was not without controversy, his aggression over the board matched by his ferocity off it.

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