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Climb the Online Chess Mountain

Test your skills in online chess against thousands of opponents from across the world.

Test your skills in online chess against thousands of opponents from across the world

Are you ready to climb the online chess mountain? This is the age of mass multimedia. The emergence of the world wide web has changed our lives in more ways than we could ever imagine. We can get connected with people who share our interests, people we never would have come into contact with before. We can play players from all over the world in real time.

Technological advances have revived my involvement in chess. I've played thousands and thousands of games over the last few years. Blitz games, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes usually. I also play longer games allowing 3 days per move. You have to take more care in those ones. Mistakes are punished ruthlessly.

Don't sweat it if you have never played chess before and don't know how. Some people think that it looks like a very complicated game compared to say draughts or checkers. But it's really not. It only takes about 20 minutes or half an hour to learn the basics. Learn the official chess rules here in no time at all.

My greatest challenge in chess has been breaking new ground with my playing strength. I have discovered that unless you're some kind of child prodigy, you can't expect to get stronger by simply playing game after game. You will reach a certain level and then if you wish to rise higher you must roll up the sleeves and work at it.

But let's face it. Getting stuck in and wading through oceans of chess theory is tedious, time consuming work. Not everyone is up for the soul destroying, morale sapping, grueling task of studying chess. Most people have a ton of other things going on in their lives. They just don't have the time. But don't worry. I will trawl through all of the theory and filter out the nuggets from the noise. I will package the research for you so that you can consume vast swathes of chess gold in a fraction of the time. I will give you back days, weeks and months of your life. You can watch your rating soar and have lots of spare time to spend on other things.

Lapoc is more or less my findings on my own journey to improve my game and grow my chess strength. I have sliced and diced the basics of chess strategy so that you can sink your teeth into the important material straight away. You don't want to lose ages on every little thing. You can find every chess opening in the encyclopedia of chess openings right here, again packaged for your convenience. You can pit your wits against thousands of opponents on a top class online chess interface. As a chess gladiator on the make you want a fighting arena to do justice to your brilliant strategy and fantastic combinations. Mastermind your greatest chess victories here at Lapoc.

Of course to help you on your way I will tell you everything I know on advanced strategy in the endgame, middlegame and openings. A little preparation goes a long way and a few tricks to add to your arsenal won't do any harm either. Catch your opponent off guard with a cleverly laid trap in the form of a gambit.

The King and Queen will play major roles in your online chess adventures.

The King and Queen will play major roles in your online chess adventures

You don't realize the subtle principles you can learn from medieval chess masters, gifted past masters from the last century and a half and the world chess champions. Their games are priceless gems that will help you strengthen your game.

Chess history is a deeply interesting topic. The story of how this game was carried on trade routes by land and by sea is as much a story of human history. The game split into many chess variants as it spread across Asia, North Africa and Europe.

Don't forget that you can add your articles and games down at the Interactive Center. Keep up with all the latest developments here on the online chess blog. Sign up for the monthly ezine for top chess tips. You can get a flavor for what to expect by browsing previous Lapoc Chess Board issues.

Read the story of how Lapoc was born. Find out everything about us including all of Lapoc's services and offerings. If you want to talk to me about anything please feel free to contact us, I'd be delighted to hear from you. Quickly find any page on the site with the sitemap. It's Lapoc's aim to satisfy all of your chess needs.

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Learn Chess Rules In Minutes
Learn chess rules in a flash. Get an understanding of the rules and the object of chess. Soon you can enjoy playing the greatest game on earth.

Hot Chess Strategy To Get the Edge
If you're going to be a successful player, if you're going to be the top dog down at the club, well you're going to have to get your strategy nailed down aren't you?

Encyclopedia of Chess Openings - The Openings Bible
From Volumes A through to E, there are hundreds of openings, variations and sub-variations to sift through and consider.

Play Chess On a Global Battlefield
Play chess in a cutting edge online arena. Play or create your own tournaments. Win cubits from your chess victories in rated games and you can get great chess products in the store.

The Chess Endgame And It's Hidden Secrets
All roads lead to the endgame. Learn the hidden secrets here! Gain the upper hand in the battle when it's crunch time.

Play the Chess Middlegame Like a Magician
Weave your chess middlegame magic to create winning chances. Will you slowly take command through masterful positional play or inspired tactical thrusts?

Master Classic Chess Openings for a Diverse Repertoire
These classic chess openings will give you a repertoire that will strike fear into your opponents. Great variety across several diverse openings.

A Slick Gambit Or Three To Stun Your Opponent
Want to try a gambit or two? Learn these slippery opening maneuvers to get the jump on your opponents. They won't know what hit them!

Medieval Chess Masters Crossing Swords
Chess Masters from Medieval Europe shaped the early history of the game on the continent. They spawned many of the well known openings still in use today.

Chess Master Heavyweight Drum Roll
Many chess masters made incredible contributions to chess in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. They fought for dominance and their battles will never be forgotten.

Chessmaster World Champions - The Greatest Gladiators
World Champions are a special breed of chessmaster. They are the greatest gladiators of the chess world. They played and won some of the greatest games ever played.

The History Of Chess Conquers the World
The history of chess is a story of mysterious intrigue. This game of kings has undergone as many changes as the cultures that have played it.

Find the Chess Variant for You
Discover the chess variant for you. These chess forms have evolved across the world. From the Far East to Central Asia to the Middle East, there are countless cousins.

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