Lapoc Chess Board Back Issues

Welcome to the Lapoc Chess Board Back Issues page. Keep up to date with all website updates with Lapoc Blog. Below are all back issues of Lapoc Chess Board, which you can subscribe to from this site.

Issue #079 -- Turn from Prey to Predator

Issue #078 -- Tactics vs Strategy, Who Wins?

Issue #077 -- Plot Your Way through the Pawn Islands

Issue #076 -- Tear Up the Town with a Dominating Knight

Issue #075 -- Watch as Two Giants Get In a Tactical Tear-Up

Issue #074 -- Wrap Up the Middlegame with a Crazy King March

Issue #073 -- Turn the Tide with Piece Power Plays

Issue #072 -- Break Down the Defense with Amazing Sacs

Issue #071 -- Cramp Your Opponent with an Advanced Central Pawn

Issue #070 -- Handle the Poisoned Pawn Variation with Care

Issue #069 -- Use Different Tactics in Concert to Win

Issue #068 -- Greater Activity Brings Victories

Issue #067 -- Corral and Capture the Enemy King

Issue #066 -- Clash of Tactics and Strategy

Issue #065 -- Set the Bait for a Priceless Tempo

Issue #064 -- Open Lines Against the Enemy King

Issue #063 -- Get the KO with the Intermezzo

Issue #062 -- Plot the Path to Victory with Tactics

Issue #061 -- Pick Your Way Through a Tactical Minefield

Issue #060 -- Hone Your Powers of Calculation for Rapid Wins

Issue #059 -- Target the Isolated d-Pawn for Destruction

Issue #058 -- Understand the Value of Space

Issue #057 -- Get Your King Fighting in the Opening

Issue #056 -- Blow the King's Stronghold to Bits and Win

Issue #055 -- Outmaneuver Your Foe and Control the Breakthrough

Issue #054 -- Deflect and Clear Your Way to Victory

Issue #053 -- Sacrifice Big to Drag the King Out

Issue #052 -- Get Your Knight to e5 and Win

Issue #051 -- Punish Those Who Break the Rules

Issue #050 -- Break Through on the Overload

Issue #049 -- Capitalize on Mistakes for a Fast Finish

Issue #048 -- Behold the Three Musketeers

Issue #047 -- Burn the Enemy with a Benoni Blitz

Issue #046 -- Turn the Tables with Tactics

Issue #045 -- Three Times for a Lady

Issue #044 -- Enjoy Miniature Magic and a Beautiful Trap

Issue #043 -- Open the Door with a Queen Sac

Issue #042 -- Chess Classic from the Romantic Era

Issue #041 -- Blitz with Pins and Discovered Checks

Issue #040 -- Hit Hard with a Kingside Attack

Issue #039 -- Sacrifice to Attack a Central King

Issue #038 -- A Good Day for a King Hunt

Issue #037 -- The Minor Piece Clear Out

Issue #036 -- Check Out the Crazy 8

Issue #035 -- Win with the Sacrificial Decoy

Issue #034 -- Powerful Queen Sacrifice Wins Through

Issue #033 -- Knight after Knight

Issue #032 -- Zukertort's Immortal

Issue #031 -- Attacking with the Chess Discovery

Issue #030 -- Burst Their Bubble with the Pin

Issue #029 -- Plunge a Fork into Your Opponent's Plans

Issue #028 -- Create Imbalances with the Exchange Sacrifice

Issue #027 -- Play the Classic Bishop Sacrifice

Issue #026 -- Hunt Down the Uncastled King

Issue #025 -- Middlegame Wars with the Kings on the Same Side

Issue #024 -- Pawn Storm the King in the Middlegame

Issue #023 -- Plot a Winning Path in the Middlegame

Issue #022 -- Three Endgame Gems by Celebrated Masters

Issue #021 -- Advancing Passed Pawns in Queen Endgames

Issue #020 -- Leave a Trail of Destruction With Your Rampaging King

Issue #019 -- Gallop Through the Endgame with the Four Horsemen

Issue #018 -- Steal Through Perilous Pawn Endgames

Issue #017 -- Destroy the Enemy by Creating New Weaknesses

Issue #016 -- Torture Your Opponent in Cat and Mouse Endgames

Issue #015 -- When Fortune Pits Peasants Against Royalty

Issue #014 -- Incredible Innovations With Same Color Bishops

Issue #013 -- When Pawns Face Off in a Showdown

Issue #012 -- Use the Flowchart Technique to Hammer Your Opponents

Issue #011 -- Saving the Day with the Ultra Defensive Bishop

Issue #010 -- Mastering the Ways of the Rook Pawn in Rook Endgames

Issue #009 -- Win the War through Exceptional Pawn Races

Issue #008 -- Rooks and Bishops are Endgame Terminators

Issue #007 -- Ambush the Enemy with Tactical Bombs

Issue #006 -- Adding More Expertise on Critical Endgame Positions

Issue #005 -- Avoid the Pitfalls and Win King and Pawn Endings

Issue #004 -- Nailing Down Basic Mates and Opposition

Issue #003 -- Absorb the Building Blocks of Endgame Strategy

Issue #002 -- Winning Games With Mobile Pieces

Issue #001 -- Look Deep in the Soul of Chess

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