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Are you a practitionor of gambit chess? A game is sometimes won and lost in the first 10 moves. It's good to have plenty of theory across many openings in your repertoire. You can play it safe and wait for the other guy to mess up. Or if you are an aggressive player you can try to force the issue.

But how far will you push it in your bid to get an edge? Gambits are a double edged sword but some people like them. They bring you down alleys and side tracks that you might not see as often as the well worn paths. Question is what is the greatest gambit?

The best wins are the ones where you give up a piece in what turns out to be the decisive combination. Everyone has a few wins that gave them extra special satisfaction. Do you have a class gambit win?

Chess Gambit

LAPOC: Chess Gambit

Your Favorite Gambit

Gambits are a real fun part of chess. They can be used to change the complexion of a position and completely alter the nature of a game. Gamblers love them as they tend to liven things up.

All you have to do is throw that line into the water and wait for the bite. They know that juicy morsel is probably trouble but who can pass up a freebie? And then before they know it they're under growing pressure. You know you've got the other guy on the ropes.

The main gambit page contains a good handful of the most popular ones out there. Maybe one of them is your favorite. Maybe you like a different one entirely. Either ways I'd like to hear about your top gambit. What's the best line in it? Maybe you have a game where you used it to crush an opponent mercilessly. Tell the world about it.

What's the Deadliest Gambit in the World?

Gambits are great aren't they. They're one of the best things about chess. Nothing better than winning a game through a cleverly calculated opening sacrifice leading to great lines and positions. The more audacious the better. Question is what gambit is the greatest of them all? What's the Deadliest Gambit in the World?

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